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try some of amsterdam’s finest products

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We have two beautiful coffeeshops nestled in the heart of Amterdam. We have been offering fine products, the best coffee in town and drinks for over ten years.

With canal views and a terrace for the sunny months, we are the perfect hideout to relax and enjoy the sights & sounds of this modern historical city. Rain or shine feel free to pop by, hang loose and have fun!

Please remember you have to be over 18 to visit, and it’s Dutch law to carry your ID card. Don’t be offended if we ask to see it, it’s a compliment!

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Happy customers.

Trés bon produits…

Bon Courage pour en resortit vivant avec les escaliers raide!!


best weed in a’dam! it’s always a pleasure to walk the way from central 🙂


These guys always have very strong showings. If you want to try something with power you should go here. the place itself is kind of dumpy, but I keep coming back for more 🙂


Best Tangerine dream i’ve ever smoked. the wax was top notch, and a good, inexpensive place to smoke a couple off!


Ottime porzioni, qualitá più che accettabile e prezzi accessibili.


Love the silver haze followed by lemon haze, amazing stuff with great mental high!


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try some of amsterdam’s finest products

try some of amsterdam’s finest products

This endpoint has been retired

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Thorbeckeplein 28

Thorbeckeplein 28, 1017 CS Amsterdam


‘We have everything you need to relax & enjoy Amsterdam’